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Bihar Primary Teacher Recruitment officials have indicated that they are diligently preparing the results in accordance with the new guidelines and the Supreme Court’s ruling. BPSC are making the list result will be released soon, after the confirmation of Supreme Court Verdict.

Official Announcement: Bihar Primary Teacher Recruitment 2023 Excludes B.Ed. Candidates

InĀ  the respective notice released by the BPSC has affirmed its commitment to abide by the Supreme Court’s directive, following the guidance of the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE). Consequently, B.Ed. qualified candidates will not be considered for Bihar Primary Teacher positions. As in the notice they have given chances to B.Ed. candidates who are having D.Eld. degree to upload the certificates by 11 septmeber 2023. This confirmed exclusion of B,Ed. candidates from the ongoing vacancy.

Understanding the Supreme Court’s Decision

The recent verdict by the Supreme Court has provided much-needed clarity to a long-standing debate. The Court has determined that individuals holding a BTC qualification will be the exclusive candidates eligible for teaching positions at the primary level. This decision aligns with the judgment of the Rajasthan High Court, which argued that B.Ed. programs are primarily designed for teaching grades 6-12, rendering their inclusion in primary education roles inequitable.

Is Bihar Primary Teacher Recruitment Authorized to Exclude B.Ed. Candidates from Current Vacancies?

To ascertain this, it is essential to determine if the Supreme Court’s decision applies retroactively. The answer is affirmative, given the specific context of the decision. In the current scenario, this decision is indeed applicable. Bihar Primary Teacher Recruitment had already clarified in their application forms that the results would be determined based on the Supreme Court’s decision, as the matter was already pending before the Court.

Impact on Candidates

This decision holds significant consequences for candidates possessing B.Ed. qualifications who had applied for Bihar Primary Teacher positions. They will not be considered for these roles, in accordance with the Supreme Court’s ruling and Bihar Primary Teacher Recruitment’s adherence to it. This underscores the importance of aligning one’s qualifications with the precise requirements of the teaching position they aspire to attain.


The Bihar Primary Teacher Recruitment result for 2023 will exclude B.Ed. candidates, in keeping with the Supreme Court’s decision, which mirrors the Rajasthan High Court’s position that B.Ed. qualifications are tailored for teaching grades 6-12. While this decision has retrospective implications, Bihar Primary Teacher Recruitment had already clarified in their application forms that the outcome would align with the Supreme Court’s ruling. This development signifies a significant resolution to a long-standing debate concerning teacher qualifications for primary education roles and directly impacts candidates aspiring to teach at the primary level.

NB-2023-09-05-03 Pdf of BPSC Notice


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